Episode 2 Deleted Scenes

"Who are they?"
"It’s in my phone."

God, she’s perfect. 

Vice President of the United States, Selina Meyer

She is fantastic. 

I miss her and I miss 30 Rock

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At @Samantha_feder’s #birthday #brunch! #sunday #sundayfunday also with @Amandasartori07!

At @Samantha_feder’s #birthday #brunch! #sunday #sundayfunday also with @Amandasartori07!


If one more person tells me ‘don’t worry, it’ll all work out’ when I tell them I’m stressed that I’m unemployed, I’m going to punch them in the face



I’m turned on. Like this is the face I’m making. No joke. 

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Third Culture Kid.

Monocle-reading, British-spelling, Americano-drinking, Aviation-fanboy.

Into reading, symphony orchestra, opera, music, good TV, cooking, travel, photography, and more. Other interests include club soda, macarons, tea, gin, cognac, old books, and big cushy armchairs - Not necessarily all at once.

Also, the world needs more Canada.

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